Sunday, October 1, 2017

In plain sight

Taking care of the duties of the day.  Getting things done before the pending storm hits and daylight ends.  Rounding a turn, a few more miles to go and I notice

The setting sun shines bright against the storm...
aglow to be the clouds of every form!
So known, the sum of what the billows be,
but right now, what a spectacle to see!

A welcome break within a hectic day.
A chance to see the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Creator God, creating one time more--
a sight for the alert to praise Him for!

The colors in the clouds to vary so...
gradually to fade that brilliant glow...
but never disappearing be His touch-
He makes Himself known constantly...and much!

Seldom must you separate yourself from all activities to behold His Presence.  Often He is visible about you in your daily tasks.  So was it today as I was going down the road and "happened" to glance over at the eastern sky.  It was so illuminated and beautiful...and I knew He was blessing me with that sight!
Father God is ALWAYS so close and visible!

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