Thursday, October 5, 2017

Going Through Life

Going through life...

Going through the days that are,
painful though they be.
For God has made the days that are
perhaps so He could see
if I am going to use the tools
with which He has equipped--
will I press on to victory,
or will I be whipped?

Life--it be the days that are,
for now do they yet come.
And He is present at our sides,
and will be for the sum.
We are not promised paradise
while we are in this place,
but neither are we comfortless
due His abundant grace!

Life--and living in the days
as long as He allows.
Afterward is Paradise
for faithful, He avows!
Until then, there be ups and downs,
pleasure and, yes, pain;
but press on, friend, obedient,
and great shall be your gain!

Too many people are receiving a message that once you become a Christian, all your troubles will be over and it will be smooth-sailing until the Trumpet sounds.  That is a man-made idea that is NOWHERE in the Bible!  Paradise awaits AFTER this life is over, this life that is imperfect and will be until the end!  Can you handle that?  Not without Father God, Jesus Christ His Son, Holy Spirit AND The Bible!
In the days that are, do your best to get to know all of them on a personal level and on a daily basis!

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