Monday, October 9, 2017

Find that Place

Oh, for just a moment free of disaster...argument...controversy....politics...  A moment to focus on the GOOD that truly does exist and that will CERTAINLY overcome!

"O Lord, we look to You as we
desire that retreat.
We know that You are well aware,
and greater than defeat!
We know You have a place prepared
where issues that we know
will be no longer, thus we yearn,
unto That Place, to go! 

O for that time alone with You
as You point out the good.
To have it firmly in my heart,
oh Lord, I know I should;
but this place seeks the negative,
it seems, at every turn!
Therefore, Jesus, YOUR retreat-
for such, our hearts, to yearn!

Of course we are concerned for them
now going through the worst.
A touch of supernatural,
upon their lives to burst!!
But take me briefly to that place
that is just You and I
to there receive Your blest embrace,
all life to fortify!"

Of course we are concerned with that which is happening to those we love and God loves.  We see it in some form or another just about everywhere we go.  But, often, we need to go into His Presence to regain the strength and all He has to enable us to do all we can!
Find that place with Jesus!

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