Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Another form of pain

There are so many people in our world who have been hurt.  Even hurt by "well-meaning" Christians.  (Even some that have been hurt by ill-meaning ones!)
We have got to have a heart-change if we are going to have any positive effect on people and cause them to desire to know the God we serve!

We go about the day;
so many come our way,
so many in such pain...
what can we help them gain?
To point out why they hurt,
(even if we're curt,)
often just brings more;
so what do they look for?
I've found most want an ear
that will not cause them fear,
that won't judge as they speak,
and know each is unique!

Can we be such a friend?
As we approach the end
such 'meetings' will increase,
thus LOVE must never cease!
So, all throughout the day,
may Christ be on display
in action and in speech-
for thus does HE beseech!
He saved you with a call:
to be there for them all,
all that come your way
but each and every day!

Yes, your life has a calling upon it: display Jesus to the world!  It is a world that has been hurt and is looking for love.  Not judgment...not condemnation...not condescension...but PURE, Christian love.  Once they see that in us, then Jesus can do all that He desires!

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