Friday, October 27, 2017

The Ancient of Days

Remember that title?  Daniel uses it in chapter 7 to refer to God.  Though in this reference it is referring to God as judge, Isaiah 57:15 also alludes to Him; this time, however, as the Holy One Who inhabits eternity and has a heart for the contrite and humble, and His ability to revive the same. 

O I want to be with the Ancient of Days!
To witness the learn of His ways!
I know of His mercy, His grace and love, too,
but oh how I long for to have Him in view!

I want to be with the Ancient of Days
with the redeemed, His anthem to raise!
Joining with seraph in song without end!
Fulfilling, oh glory, the words that are penned!

Yes, I want to be with the Ancient of Days,
feting Him only with worship and praise!
Meeter of mine, this life's every need,
praising Him ever and ever, indeed!

The Ancient of Days.  Have you read that reference yet?  Do so, and look at everything He is and will be in that Paradise that awaits!  Ask Him into your heart and make Him YOUR Lord today!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

That Marvelous Sound!

Oh, that special time of escape into His Presence!  Each of His children NEED such a time each day...if not more!  There is a glorious way He has of notifying me of that time...

A blessing unto me, that marvelous sound!
I know not another place it can be found.
It can’t be recorded, it cannot be penned;
can just be experienced if you ascend!

A harmony sweeter than ever did ring;
it beckons unto me to join in and sing!
And so does my spirit, (in that other tongue,)
make harmony with them in spiritual song!

And all of the noises in unison ring
to Him on the throne, oh victorious King!
And when we are taken in flight to that place
we’ll join praise to Jesus Who saved us by grace!

Oh, what a glorious time to look forward to!  Our hearts so yearn for that time to be at His side...FOREVER!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Remember the words!

Sometimes, it becomes (or seems to be) necessary to remind God what He promised us in His Word.  I know He hasn't forgotten it, so perhaps He wants US to commit those words so that WE can recall?

"Remember the words to Your servant
upon which You cause me to hope.
‘Tis comfort, Lord, in my affliction;
without it, how then shall I cope?

And this is the comfort I find there:
Your Word—it is life unto me!
And, though the base ridicule me,
astray from it I’ll never be! 

Oh, brought to my memory so vivid,
my Father, Your judgments of old!
But know Ye, forever and ever,
those miracles, they shall be told!
Yea, clearly so, Father, to this day,
those timeless truths do I apply.
Make me to be blameless before You
until the day when I shall fly!" 

My hope and my stay, they are anchored;
unshaken in my walk, I am!
And, though my heart has His inscription,
my soul has the Blood of the Lamb!!
Therefore, as I trod to that city,
I’ve confidence full in my claim
because, in the day of salvation,
I cried out His blessed, holy Name!

I KNOW that He would never forget His promises to us!  It is definitely us who need to stay in His Word so that we know it when we need it!
(Psalm 119:49-53) 

Waiting with others

Early in the morning...
They schedule these tests at some weird times!
Yet some are here with no appointment whatsoever...

A waiting room once more;

four people...maybe more...
silence is so loud!
Concerned--the anxious crowd.

God walks amongst the chairs,
embracing unawares.
He sees beyond the rush
and bids all stresses "Hush..."

So ripe--the mission field?

What, then, shall be the yield?
They probably want an ear
to listen--not just "hear."

Angels unaware
at every hint of care!
At times, with just a smile;
where am I for the while?

In a hospital waiting room.  Among several that have as many answers as I do!  Concern for loved ones somehow always levels the field.  We are all in this together.  But Jesus is here, too!  For it is in Him that I find my peace and ability to rest.  Do they?  A wanting glance or a nervous word is usually a giving sign of said desire. 
Will you be ready?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

How long Paradise?

Life goes on.  The gamut of emotions seem to dictate each moment in this busyness.  Do you merely "put up" with it, or do you progress and prosper?

How long until "no more?"

How far unto That Shore?
How much to yet endure
until all things are pure?

Press on do we, however, knowing
Paradise awaits!
As we pray so oft to God
we picture "Pearly Gates!"
He is our lone ability
for to endure 'til then;
all the while, our hearts to yearn
in wonderment "Lord, when?"

Press on do we, indeed, while we
do carry out The Call.
Living out His attributes
before the world and all!
Seeking for draw the lost
that they be taken, too,
unto that glory Paradise:
our HEAVEN rendezvous!

How long until that shore?

Until He says "No more!"
Go get them, Christ My Son!
My children, they are done!"

How long?  I don't know.  In fact, the bible says that no one knows except God Himself!  Can you "put up" with this life until then?  What are several years compared to an endless Paradise with Jesus?  And look at the excellent opportunities that abound as we press on!
Paradise with Jesus--It will be here before you know it, and it WILL be worth it all! 
Press on!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Real pain!

The pain--it is so real...
severely do I feel!
Others come with talk:
"Is that a 'proper' walk?"

Another day to enter into battle-
sin inside this world providing such.
Each day be glory, but some have a challenge,
and we will overcome due Jesus' touch!
Victory is promised to the soldiers,
yet, not every day, will it be seen;
press on, however, with your measure faithful,
knowing that, by God, you're overseen!

The pain--for it will go,
for certain do we know!
For Christ sustains us yet;
And, past this, we will get!

Yes, "this, too, shall pass."  Are you able to press on until then...and beyond?  Too many folks are trying to do this on their own, in themselves.  That leads to failure.  Depending on the strength and grace of God within us and about us will advance us in this battle, prosper and sustain us.  Can you trust for such in Him instead of yourself?

Monday, October 16, 2017


Walking with my Father in
the cool of autumn mist...
leaves to rustle 'neath my feet--
season to exist;
beholding all that He creates
as we walk along...
listening to nature sing
in His exclusive song!

Walking with my Father--though
He loves to hear my voice,
I be silenced as we hear
but all of life rejoice!
The leaves, the breeze, the little birds
contribute to that song
that is so easy on the ears
as He says "you belong!"

Walking with my Father--what

a way, the time, to spend!
Oh, if there be just a way,
this moment, to extend!
Especially upon this hill
before His grand creation!
My Father and myself--oh what
a glorious relation!

Find for yourself such valuable relation!  I can't get it for you.  I can only tell you about it.  You must call on Him for yourself, become related through His son Jesus, and then come to know all the wonders He has set aside for those He calls His Own!

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Why do we do what we do?  At the heart of everything we do is incentive or motive, and those actions reflect one thing: "What is in your heart?"

But for the glory of the Lord
do we do what we do!
For HIS lone exaltation are we
led to see it through!
He is the One Who calls us with
assignments everywhere
that more would come to know His love,
His mercy and His care!

To do such for ourselves, but we
should surely come to fall!
To do such seeking any "gain"
defeats the "gift" in all!
But do all being pure in heart
and seeking gain for THEM--
only then will you find favor
in the eyes of Him!

But for the glory of the Lord--
the same, joy to become.
It be the best for others and
His grace contains the sum!
It's for His glory anyway
so do the best you can,
seeking to please only HIM
and not for praise from man.

Sure, praise from people may come as you do what you do, but do not let it be the only reason you do it!  For when such becomes the motive, you will surely come to know disappointment!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Finally away!

Away from people...finally!
I did what I could for as long as I could.
I took care of as many as I could while I was there to the best of my ability.
And now, for my reward!
What kind of attitude is that for one who has been called and anointed to work with people?! 

The phone again to ring...
it only means one thing!
"Hey Buzz, we need you now!
Three buses and a crowd!
Get here like yesterday!"
OK!  I'm on my way!

"Away from such as this?"
Such I would surely miss!
My calling--it is such;
thus I must be in touch,
those people, to enjoy.
For such is my employ.

I have been fortunate enough throughout my years to extremely rarely leave work with an "I'm glad that's over!" attitude.  What's wrong with me?! 
Is it a God-given gift to be able to enjoy what you do?
Is it something instilled in you as a child?
Is it something you see in your parents as you grow up?
In my case, yes, yes and yes!  And, in my case, it's one thing more: when you've been told by countless companies and employers that "You're not able.  We don't want to take the chance with you," and you finally find a person and company that says, "We'll hire you, and we'll work around any problems you have!" you want to give all you can in dedication to that place and do your best every time you're there!
What does this have to do with God?  When you are a good employee, it is Him that gets the glory for it!  He even said that in His Word!
So, whatever job you have to do, do it as unto the Lord and you will rarely get tired of doing it.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Answer to ALL!

Life goes on.
This life will go on until God says otherwise.  It is for no one else to decide!
As this life goes on, He provides so much for our every need...IF we depend on Him...

"You see unto mine every need-
I never am without!
You do the same for all who ask,
(and even them that doubt!)
You take care of so many things-
even when we're unaware-
o God, there be no equal to
Your love and Your great care!" 

And when that care no longer goes on in this place, He promises that we will be in a Place that is perfect--His Heaven!  It is something that we are certainly looking forward to!  How about you?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Another form of pain

There are so many people in our world who have been hurt.  Even hurt by "well-meaning" Christians.  (Even some that have been hurt by ill-meaning ones!)
We have got to have a heart-change if we are going to have any positive effect on people and cause them to desire to know the God we serve!

We go about the day;
so many come our way,
so many in such pain...
what can we help them gain?
To point out why they hurt,
(even if we're curt,)
often just brings more;
so what do they look for?
I've found most want an ear
that will not cause them fear,
that won't judge as they speak,
and know each is unique!

Can we be such a friend?
As we approach the end
such 'meetings' will increase,
thus LOVE must never cease!
So, all throughout the day,
may Christ be on display
in action and in speech-
for thus does HE beseech!
He saved you with a call:
to be there for them all,
all that come your way
but each and every day!

Yes, your life has a calling upon it: display Jesus to the world!  It is a world that has been hurt and is looking for love.  Not judgment...not condemnation...not condescension...but PURE, Christian love.  Once they see that in us, then Jesus can do all that He desires!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Find that Place

Oh, for just a moment free of disaster...argument...controversy....politics...  A moment to focus on the GOOD that truly does exist and that will CERTAINLY overcome!

"O Lord, we look to You as we
desire that retreat.
We know that You are well aware,
and greater than defeat!
We know You have a place prepared
where issues that we know
will be no longer, thus we yearn,
unto That Place, to go! 

O for that time alone with You
as You point out the good.
To have it firmly in my heart,
oh Lord, I know I should;
but this place seeks the negative,
it seems, at every turn!
Therefore, Jesus, YOUR retreat-
for such, our hearts, to yearn!

Of course we are concerned for them
now going through the worst.
A touch of supernatural,
upon their lives to burst!!
But take me briefly to that place
that is just You and I
to there receive Your blest embrace,
all life to fortify!"

Of course we are concerned with that which is happening to those we love and God loves.  We see it in some form or another just about everywhere we go.  But, often, we need to go into His Presence to regain the strength and all He has to enable us to do all we can!
Find that place with Jesus!

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Finally done with a busy day of ministering to people going through the gamut of what this life can do.  Am I immune from the same?  Absolutely not!  But right now, after the hours, God provides some wonderful reminders:

The flowers...plants...and even all the trees--
God's loving touch embraces even these!
As they revel in His life of light,
they wave and bloom and take such great delight!
Each of them display His diverse touch;
they come to know and love Him very much!
Underneath the blue and bluer sky,
living, and its beauty, amplify!

God's great creation persists.  Through disaster...through violence...through ignorance...through all that goes on in our world, His handiwork remains...perhaps to rein us in sometimes.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Going Through Life

Going through life...

Going through the days that are,
painful though they be.
For God has made the days that are
perhaps so He could see
if I am going to use the tools
with which He has equipped--
will I press on to victory,
or will I be whipped?

Life--it be the days that are,
for now do they yet come.
And He is present at our sides,
and will be for the sum.
We are not promised paradise
while we are in this place,
but neither are we comfortless
due His abundant grace!

Life--and living in the days
as long as He allows.
Afterward is Paradise
for faithful, He avows!
Until then, there be ups and downs,
pleasure and, yes, pain;
but press on, friend, obedient,
and great shall be your gain!

Too many people are receiving a message that once you become a Christian, all your troubles will be over and it will be smooth-sailing until the Trumpet sounds.  That is a man-made idea that is NOWHERE in the Bible!  Paradise awaits AFTER this life is over, this life that is imperfect and will be until the end!  Can you handle that?  Not without Father God, Jesus Christ His Son, Holy Spirit AND The Bible!
In the days that are, do your best to get to know all of them on a personal level and on a daily basis!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Going through the comes along and...POW!  Now what do you do?  I know there are some of you out there with all the answers and know how to handle every situation in life, but some of us don't.
So I do the first thing that comes to mind--PRAY!

"My Father, here I am again,
I turn to You alone.
Life has happened in a way
that I have never known!
You been with me through o so much,
You've been with me through ALL!
Yet I have never been this way,
therefore, Your Name, I call.
I know You have seen this before,
and I know how it went.
Your Holy Word assures me that
this time will be well-spent.
I know not how long it will take
until it's made aright,
but I KNOW there will be a time
when I will be alright!

My Father, here I am again,
I need Your healing touch.
The Blood of Jesus Christ was shed
so that I could have such!
The medical professionals, they
may not know the cure,
but this I KNOW: I call Your Name,
my healing to secure!"

You're going along about your get up to go do something and when you get to that can't see out of your right eye!!  Such happened to me yesterday.
They are in the process of working on it.  Please join us in prayer about it, won't you?  While you're at it, give God the praise and glory for it, because He already SEES the end result, and it will be good.

Monday, October 2, 2017

October 1st, 2017

Once again, wickedness, hatred and evil rears it's ugly head.  It's's's disastrous. 
Being one who firmly stands on the Word of God, how do we tell people at such a time as this that it is only going to get worse before it gets better.  Maybe it's not the right time to be writing this?

Shouts of celebration--
laughter...singing song...
then, in a fleeting moment, it goes
hideously wrong!
Once again, the enemy
just rears his head and laughs!
We cannot let him have his way!

What's done--it is behind us,
as we are on our knees;
we must gird all these families--
we love...we pray...we bleed;
We cry out to Almighty God
to put an end to such
while we press on, offering
His caring, healing touch.

Pray, people, pray!  Pray...pray...pray...and then pray some more!!  Put wheels to your words and get out there and do all that He leads you to do!  That next shooter may be closer than you think, just needing to hear that someone cares, needing to know that someone is reaching out, and it just may change his heart about what he might have planned.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

In plain sight

Taking care of the duties of the day.  Getting things done before the pending storm hits and daylight ends.  Rounding a turn, a few more miles to go and I notice

The setting sun shines bright against the storm...
aglow to be the clouds of every form!
So known, the sum of what the billows be,
but right now, what a spectacle to see!

A welcome break within a hectic day.
A chance to see the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Creator God, creating one time more--
a sight for the alert to praise Him for!

The colors in the clouds to vary so...
gradually to fade that brilliant glow...
but never disappearing be His touch-
He makes Himself known constantly...and much!

Seldom must you separate yourself from all activities to behold His Presence.  Often He is visible about you in your daily tasks.  So was it today as I was going down the road and "happened" to glance over at the eastern sky.  It was so illuminated and beautiful...and I knew He was blessing me with that sight!
Father God is ALWAYS so close and visible!