Friday, September 8, 2017

The least that we can do

So many issues and activities going on in the world right now.  More than usual?  I doubt it.  More peculiar than usual? some places.  But where are you in this world?

"As I go about my day, Lord,

let me have a heart.
Please help me empathize with what
my brother may impart.
Help me to be alert to every
Holy Spirit move,
so that the contents of my day
be something You approve.

People come and people go

but all throughout the day.
Some of them will travel on,
and some of them will stay.
Make me what You want me to be
as, to them, I reach out--
to know that they have been with YOU,
o let there be no doubt!

It's all about You, Father God.

Receive all glory thence!
But a tool inside Your hand-
my heart's desire hence!
I see You moving in this life,
I want to be a part
that they would come to know Your touch
and Your most perfect heart!

Each and every one of us is necessary in this world or we would not be here.  That's hard to imagine for some, but God is in control and knows what He is doing!  The very least that we can do is pray for one our arms...offer a hand...or listen.


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