Sunday, September 17, 2017


It is very abundant HERE this morning as I write this.  In other places, the sun is shining this day upon disaster and devastation.  On still others, the sun is still behind the storm...

Sunshine--blest commodity
in days and times that are.
To know disaster and its ways
I don't have to go far!
That which happens constantly
right now upon TV
is only several hours from
the place we safely be!

But that which goes on, it is not
far from a praying heart!
Petitions for those beautiful people
we constantly impart!
Petitions for their safety, their
protection and repair--
it matters not how many that
we know residing there!

"Sunshine--make it staple, Lord,
in each and every heart
as You reveal Your perfect ways
in what life would impart.
Some to know the process of it,
but all to realize Your Presence
throughout each of us!"

Please continue to pray this day for those who continue to look for the sunshine in spite of what they are going through.  They are closer to us than we may think.

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