Thursday, September 7, 2017

Singing Longer!

Stopping for a moment to notice life.

Hummingbirds--for just a little longer;

their presence be to grace for just awhile.
The colors and the calendar reminding
that summertime will soon be out of style!
And then I'm minded of a far location
whose possibility may be as near!
No calendar or seasons will be present,
but it be filled with that which He holds dear!
And He promises that living will be perfect
until the end of time, (which is no more!)
Mansions there on streets that will be golden...
"COME QUICKLY, LORD" we cry out all the more!

Yea, "COME QUICKLY, LORD!" it be our prayer incessant

as we press on in service to our King!
And that vision, coupled with His grand creation,
inspires us, so constantly, to sing!

Life continues on.

Please don't let anyone or anything in this life embezzle you out of the joy that He implants in your heart!  Yes, this life may continue on, but that just means we are one day closer to His Perfect Place and His Presence!

Though I write today about Paradise and how close it is, many of our friends and family are going through just the opposite!  Between wildfires in some states and hurricanes in others, there are a lot of folks in need of prayer and a lot of other things!  Please join us in lifting these folks up to God and asking Him to protect them, and help them recover. 

Thanks so much! 

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