Thursday, September 28, 2017

Pastor Appreciation Day

Pastor Appreciation DAY?  Only ONE day?!  Coming up soon.

"A speaker and a singer...

just show up every week...
a song so very beautiful,
an hour he to speak...
Just words and music for the crowd
putting in their time..."
to think that way at all of them
is a most wretched crime!!

"A speaker and a singer?"  NO!!
But ministers of the Lord!
Their talent, their time, their everything,
unto us they afford!
Jesus moving through them,
and so alive inside!
Life, and life abounding through them--
HIS touch to abide!

A speaker and a singer--
that's just a "public" part.
Unseen are all the other places
they pour out their heart!
Christ ordained them for His purpose
and not just "Sunday!"
Make sure they know that you appreciate
them every day!!

God-appointed people.  Pastor...preacher...minister...priest...whatever it is the title of the one who brings God's Word to you in your place of worship, make sure you let them know how much they are appreciated.  Often!

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