Monday, September 25, 2017

One Accord

Blessed be the Name of The Lord!  He is so worthy of praise!  He is the ONLY One to get us through the days that are.  Do you know Him?

""You are the One that I can't wait to see!
You are the One I see right next to me!
You are so beautiful and glorious!
Lord, You take perfect care of each of us!

You are the One Whose Words restore my life;
You are mine escort, Lord, through every strife;
but greater, You're with me through blessings each,
for, of the two, You're blessings far outreach!

With You beside as I go through each day
it matters not what rises on the way.
For You will NEVER leave me nor forsake!
Our accord, Lord, I will never break!"

I see so many people any given day.  Every one of them are different.  Of late, however, I see so many of them separating, splitting up, or even doing criminal activities because of those differences.  All of a sudden?  Are things getting worse?  But does The Bible not say that in the last days such as this will be?  But there is one accord, one relationship that will NEVER fail: belonging to Father God through His Son Jesus Christ!  Know Him as your Savior and He will direct your path.

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