Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Living signs

That time of year once again.  That precious gift from God of "variety."  Just look around...

Subtleties abounding
looking here...looking there...
so much before the naked eye-
but just how many care?

Autumn is upon us-
some subtlety...some bold!
Do not forget to thank the God
that does, ALL seasons, hold!
For He has in His hand the brush
that causes every shade,
and by His grace and mercy every
sign of fall is made!

Subtleties abounding-
if each one had a word
it would be the most wondrous sound
that ear has ever heard!

God is so good.  God is so loving.  God is so artistic!  Can't see His artistry from where you are?  Then just look at the people around you.  He made each one of them different and colorful.
Don't miss out on His glorious creation!

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