Sunday, September 24, 2017

"Hurry up, words?"

Sunday afternoon.  Half-time.  Get down to the desk and write a message and get it out of the way so I can watch the rest of the game!
WHAT?!  "Get it out of the way??!!"  Whose words are these anyway?   Who inspires them and provides time to tell me what to write??
"Father God, please forgive me!"

"O God, I thank You for the presents
You present to all!
I dedicate the ones You give me
to Your holy call.
You give me words afresh, o Lord,
and cause me to make verse.
Please let it not be "ritual,"
or something I "rehearse!"
But time with you allow me spend
that I know what to write!
Though man would see the product,
I want YOU to take delight!
It's YOU I seek to glorify
that You may get all praise!
I dedicate this gift to You--
Your worship and Your ways!"

And each and all of us are gifted in some way by Him.  He is THE generous God!  Don't ever let those gifts and callings become "things" that we do out of ritual or just "to get out of the way."  But let them be precious privileges that we are fortunate to take part in.

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