Saturday, September 16, 2017

His Name is "Peace"

The Prince of Peace.  Dependable...wonderful...loving and kind:

In the absence of the bustle

there is peace to know!
You do not have to go too far
to find that quiet flow.
You have have schedules...
you have deadlines, too,
but God is well aware of all
and He has plans for you!

Take advantage of that peace
that only HE provides.
It is availed to everyone that,
in His love, abides!
That peace is very valuable
and necessary so;
you must take of it often if,
His victory, you'll know!

The bustle, it is always, but
His peace much more abounds!
Find that peaceful place and there
so holy be the grounds!
Jesus, He is present there
to welcome you always;
He will rest you in His peace
while hectic be the days.

The peace of Jesus is like no other.  There is no limit to it, and all you must do is ask.  In fact, He is even called "The Prince of Peace" in His Word, and to those of us who firmly depend upon Him.
Are you one of them?

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