Sunday, September 10, 2017

He is aware!

Before the first cloud even has a form
He is aware...
when they even name it as a storm
He is aware...
before the fire starts from that first spark
He is aware...
before ANY disaster leaves its mark
He is aware.

Before the cries for help began
He knew that they would be.
No matter what is needed, He
provides for tragedy!
He has a hand in everything,
even that not on "the news;"
and He comes through with victory
in spite of any "views."

We see so many tragedies;
some of us first hand!
The all-sufficient hand of God
we've come to understand.
And we shall each come out of this-
some, better than before!
and those of us who live to tell
shall testify the more!

Shall testify the more.  My wife and I once helped mom & dad move into a new house.  A BRAND NEW house!  The very first night, while everything was still in boxes, a tornado came through and the only things left standing were the shower stall that Debby & I ran into and the bathtub that mom & dad ran into.  As horrible as that sounds, that tornado changed their hearts (for the good!) toward God!
Keep praying for all of those going through these tragedies of all sorts plaguing our planet right now KNOWING that God is aware, He is right there with everyone involved and He has a plan in place!

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