Tuesday, September 12, 2017


In God's eyes, each one of us is individual.  He made you the way He wanted to, and endowed you with certain gifts and abilities.  May we ALWAYS be careful to use those gifts for His glory!

A vessel in the hand of God--

o may we each be such!
Moving...speaking...giving out
according to His touch!
Each of us are brimming with Him
as we go along,
each of us must give the same
that more would know His song!

A vessel in the hand of God
whatever we must do.
He is already with us in
the things He calls us to!
Why not share Him freely in
those places that we go
that life, and life abundant, many
more, would come to know?

A vessel in the hand of God
for Him to use at will.
We know the power of His lead
so let us not be still!
There are so many people that
know not the words we say,
but we must be much more than words
along the Narrow Way!

Each of us that belong to Him have been specifically gifted by Him.  Such gifts are meant to be given away to whomever He leads us to.  Be careful to use those gifts whenever He tells you to, lest those gifts be taken away.

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