Thursday, September 28, 2017

Get with it!

Life goes on.
When you say to a situation "Hold on!  Let me catch my breath!" it seems to ignore you.  In fact, it may get worse, or seem to go faster!
However, with Jesus Christ in your heart, those situations may still come along, but He will be right there with you, providing protection, sustenance and strength!

Before the daunting mountain,
I must continue on.
For I cannot return to past,
ahead, it will be gone!
But do I have the fortitude,
the strength and the desire?
No!  Jesus does, and he will lead me
even THROUGH the fire!

The mountain is before you--
the challenges are vast.
But go it not alone, my friend,
on CHRIST, all stresses cast!
For He not only such endures,
He knows what is ahead!
And He will NEVER leave your side
wherever you are led!

So rise up!  Take that mountain!
Put in your very best!
If you do your part, the Lord
will surely do the rest!
Do as much as you can do,
for Jesus understands.
Press on with Him to victory
by heeding His commands!

And His commands vary.  Some are easy, some are quite challenging.  Some are downright painful!  But whatever He leads you to do, you can be CERTAIN that He will equip you for the task!

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