Friday, September 1, 2017

Eyes of the heart

There is One who loves without condition;
the same, He freely forgives.
His mercy, grace and love are availed
to any person who lives!
His Name is Jesus--for He is God's Son,
and He is God's Gift unto ALL!
I ask Him about the sins of my past,
He tells me "I cannot recall!"

O, that all men could have such recall

as we go through every day!
What of the progress that we could achieve
if mercy would chart our each way!
Decisions as such, they are yet within reach,
and even in everyone's hand!
Do you have the courage to look with the heart,
and, for the sake of Christ, stand?

For the sake of Christ take a stand.

Sometimes, it takes and national or natural disaster to get us to see with our hearts instead of our eyes.
It's too bad we can't have the same vision when everything is going right.

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