Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Evening Comes

Early in the evening.  Time to shut off everything and savor the silent majesty of His Awesome Presence...

Evening become so very still...
It's time to stop and listen to His will;
He shares it with me as I watch for sound
and perfect stillness, in Him, it is found!

As evening develops
and slowly turns to night,
I spend time with my Savior,
and we share great delight!
We converse about the day
and all the goings on,
as He slowly seems to turn
the stars and planets on!

What a special moment
to savor 'fore the night!
Before the hours come for sleep
is time for Jesus right!
Moments with Him turn to hours,
then time disappears--
moments closer to that moment
His return appears!

Not everyone has opportunity to take time to set aside for Jesus.  Thus we must MAKE time for such!  I promise you, it is ALWAYS worth it!


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