Saturday, September 2, 2017


The waves continue.  So peaceful.  All other issues, duties and responsibilities set aside to escape to this place that God has created.  So priceless.
Some see it as empty...some see it as desolate...some even see this moment as a waste of time!  So be it.  To them, it probably is a waste of time.  They have yet to learn.

The waves continue without end,
their motion yet the same...
they speak of peace and relaxation--
such may any claim!
The fortunate that know this place,
for they are knowing, too,
that healing are the sights and sounds
in God's created view!

So wonderful, the living coast;
and, even when alone,
The Great Creator walks with me--
His wonders ever shown!
He knows exactly why I'm here,
He knows just what to do;
He listens to me; then I do
all that He tells me to.

Even if We only briefly talk,
so very fruitful is this ocean walk.
Even when nobody is around,
so lavish--every sight and every sound!

And the waves continue.
Even as We walk away, that which He set in order before time began continues happening.  He brought me here today for a reason.  I relish it until the next time we are together in this beautiful place!

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