Thursday, September 21, 2017


Enjoying the last of the greenery, (for this year,) while, at the same time, watching the constant shedding from the trees that have had enough.  (It seems that they are giving up a few weeks early this year!)  God's glorious creation!

A tapestry of colors all around...
a quilt of variations on the ground...
begins to spread as far as eye can see...
Autumn, once more, entertains for free!

The colors--God with palette in His hand.
He is so very vivid on the land!
He does it all as nobody else can,
and grateful should be each and every man!

The artistry of God once again, in His time, as He wishes.  Can YOU see it?  Don't forget to thank Him and praise Him for such creativity!  HE IS WORTHY!

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