Friday, September 22, 2017

All for God!

It's all for God.
Worship--it's all for God...
Playing--it's all for God...'s all for God...
Resting--it's all for God...
It's ALL for God!
And if you do all of these activities as unto the Lord, He will certainly reward you in every area of your life!

"All for You, Jesus, for You deserve all!

You bless us with all that we need for The Call;
You bless with abundance in play and in rest!
All for You, Jesus--in You we are blessed!

All for You, Jesus, as we live the life.
You strongly support us no matter the strife!
You be our protection whatever approach!
You know in advance every trial to encroach.

All for You, Jesus, our savior and Lord!

So many the gifts that You freely afford!
We be, Lord, so wealthy because of Your heart!
All for You!  Praise for You we shall impart!"



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