Friday, September 29, 2017

About fear

The words you are about to read are from the heart and true in my own life.  I am not hyper-spiritual and fearless, and He knows that!  And often, these words must be said in faith.  BUT GOD, Who is ALWAYS faithful, will see to it that fear does not take a stronghold!

"You are always with me, Lord,
I never am alone!
For always, Lord, and anywhere,
Your Presence, it is known!
Even in "those" places, Lord,
You say for me to go,
I do not fear because Your Presence,
even there I know.

With me in the hostile crowd
in which few know the cause...
with me in the multitudes
that give You the applause...
with me on the darkest street
to which I may be led,
Your Presence--it is always present,
and Your arms outspread!

Thus have I, Lord, no thing to fear
(unless You tell me to!)
Security, it is secure
as long as I'm with You!
There are so many places, people,
situations, too,
that may intimidate, but it's
because they're lacking You."

"Fear not."  That's easy to say.  It is more difficult to live...IF we are honest with ourselves.  But with the SECURITY we have in God and His protection, it is possible.
Are there situations in your life that bring trepidation?  Tell Him!  He can handle it.  He already knows anyway!  Be honest with Him and He will help you through it.  That's because He loves you so much!

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