Friday, September 29, 2017

About fear

The words you are about to read are from the heart and true in my own life.  I am not hyper-spiritual and fearless, and He knows that!  And often, these words must be said in faith.  BUT GOD, Who is ALWAYS faithful, will see to it that fear does not take a stronghold!

"You are always with me, Lord,
I never am alone!
For always, Lord, and anywhere,
Your Presence, it is known!
Even in "those" places, Lord,
You say for me to go,
I do not fear because Your Presence,
even there I know.

With me in the hostile crowd
in which few know the cause...
with me in the multitudes
that give You the applause...
with me on the darkest street
to which I may be led,
Your Presence--it is always present,
and Your arms outspread!

Thus have I, Lord, no thing to fear
(unless You tell me to!)
Security, it is secure
as long as I'm with You!
There are so many places, people,
situations, too,
that may intimidate, but it's
because they're lacking You."

"Fear not."  That's easy to say.  It is more difficult to live...IF we are honest with ourselves.  But with the SECURITY we have in God and His protection, it is possible.
Are there situations in your life that bring trepidation?  Tell Him!  He can handle it.  He already knows anyway!  Be honest with Him and He will help you through it.  That's because He loves you so much!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Get with it!

Life goes on.
When you say to a situation "Hold on!  Let me catch my breath!" it seems to ignore you.  In fact, it may get worse, or seem to go faster!
However, with Jesus Christ in your heart, those situations may still come along, but He will be right there with you, providing protection, sustenance and strength!

Before the daunting mountain,
I must continue on.
For I cannot return to past,
ahead, it will be gone!
But do I have the fortitude,
the strength and the desire?
No!  Jesus does, and he will lead me
even THROUGH the fire!

The mountain is before you--
the challenges are vast.
But go it not alone, my friend,
on CHRIST, all stresses cast!
For He not only such endures,
He knows what is ahead!
And He will NEVER leave your side
wherever you are led!

So rise up!  Take that mountain!
Put in your very best!
If you do your part, the Lord
will surely do the rest!
Do as much as you can do,
for Jesus understands.
Press on with Him to victory
by heeding His commands!

And His commands vary.  Some are easy, some are quite challenging.  Some are downright painful!  But whatever He leads you to do, you can be CERTAIN that He will equip you for the task!

Pastor Appreciation Day

Pastor Appreciation DAY?  Only ONE day?!  Coming up soon.

"A speaker and a singer...

just show up every week...
a song so very beautiful,
an hour he to speak...
Just words and music for the crowd
putting in their time..."
to think that way at all of them
is a most wretched crime!!

"A speaker and a singer?"  NO!!
But ministers of the Lord!
Their talent, their time, their everything,
unto us they afford!
Jesus moving through them,
and so alive inside!
Life, and life abounding through them--
HIS touch to abide!

A speaker and a singer--
that's just a "public" part.
Unseen are all the other places
they pour out their heart!
Christ ordained them for His purpose
and not just "Sunday!"
Make sure they know that you appreciate
them every day!!

God-appointed people.  Pastor...preacher...minister...priest...whatever it is the title of the one who brings God's Word to you in your place of worship, make sure you let them know how much they are appreciated.  Often!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Savor the day

Life is different everywhere these words are read.  Too, all kinds of people have access to these words.  However, if you are able to read this, you have a say in what kind of day you are going to have.

Another day to savor life,
another day to live!
Another opportunity
to reach out and to give!
One more day closer to
the coming of the Lord!
One more day to cling to that hope
Jesus would afford!

Never to be written off as
"just another day..."
For each one has its challenges
to surely come our way.
But each one also has great blessings
for those pressing on!
Be sure and take of those great gifts
before they will be gone!

Another day spectacular...
another not as much...
but this I know, that EVERY DAY
is fashioned with God's touch!
Sometimes, we have to look for it,
other times, it's clear!
So try to savor each new day
just knowing He is near!

Father God Creator is present all about you, no matter what your situation may look like.  Call out to Him often and He will give you what you have need of: an embrace...a listening ear...a complete rebuilding...nothing is too difficult for Him!  All you have to do is call.

Monday, September 25, 2017

One Accord

Blessed be the Name of The Lord!  He is so worthy of praise!  He is the ONLY One to get us through the days that are.  Do you know Him?

""You are the One that I can't wait to see!
You are the One I see right next to me!
You are so beautiful and glorious!
Lord, You take perfect care of each of us!

You are the One Whose Words restore my life;
You are mine escort, Lord, through every strife;
but greater, You're with me through blessings each,
for, of the two, You're blessings far outreach!

With You beside as I go through each day
it matters not what rises on the way.
For You will NEVER leave me nor forsake!
Our accord, Lord, I will never break!"

I see so many people any given day.  Every one of them are different.  Of late, however, I see so many of them separating, splitting up, or even doing criminal activities because of those differences.  All of a sudden?  Are things getting worse?  But does The Bible not say that in the last days such as this will be?  But there is one accord, one relationship that will NEVER fail: belonging to Father God through His Son Jesus Christ!  Know Him as your Savior and He will direct your path.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

"Hurry up, words?"

Sunday afternoon.  Half-time.  Get down to the desk and write a message and get it out of the way so I can watch the rest of the game!
WHAT?!  "Get it out of the way??!!"  Whose words are these anyway?   Who inspires them and provides time to tell me what to write??
"Father God, please forgive me!"

"O God, I thank You for the presents
You present to all!
I dedicate the ones You give me
to Your holy call.
You give me words afresh, o Lord,
and cause me to make verse.
Please let it not be "ritual,"
or something I "rehearse!"
But time with you allow me spend
that I know what to write!
Though man would see the product,
I want YOU to take delight!
It's YOU I seek to glorify
that You may get all praise!
I dedicate this gift to You--
Your worship and Your ways!"

And each and all of us are gifted in some way by Him.  He is THE generous God!  Don't ever let those gifts and callings become "things" that we do out of ritual or just "to get out of the way."  But let them be precious privileges that we are fortunate to take part in.

Friday, September 22, 2017

All for God!

It's all for God.
Worship--it's all for God...
Playing--it's all for God...'s all for God...
Resting--it's all for God...
It's ALL for God!
And if you do all of these activities as unto the Lord, He will certainly reward you in every area of your life!

"All for You, Jesus, for You deserve all!

You bless us with all that we need for The Call;
You bless with abundance in play and in rest!
All for You, Jesus--in You we are blessed!

All for You, Jesus, as we live the life.
You strongly support us no matter the strife!
You be our protection whatever approach!
You know in advance every trial to encroach.

All for You, Jesus, our savior and Lord!

So many the gifts that You freely afford!
We be, Lord, so wealthy because of Your heart!
All for You!  Praise for You we shall impart!"



Thursday, September 21, 2017


Enjoying the last of the greenery, (for this year,) while, at the same time, watching the constant shedding from the trees that have had enough.  (It seems that they are giving up a few weeks early this year!)  God's glorious creation!

A tapestry of colors all around...
a quilt of variations on the ground...
begins to spread as far as eye can see...
Autumn, once more, entertains for free!

The colors--God with palette in His hand.
He is so very vivid on the land!
He does it all as nobody else can,
and grateful should be each and every man!

The artistry of God once again, in His time, as He wishes.  Can YOU see it?  Don't forget to thank Him and praise Him for such creativity!  HE IS WORTHY!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Living signs

That time of year once again.  That precious gift from God of "variety."  Just look around...

Subtleties abounding
looking here...looking there...
so much before the naked eye-
but just how many care?

Autumn is upon us-
some subtlety...some bold!
Do not forget to thank the God
that does, ALL seasons, hold!
For He has in His hand the brush
that causes every shade,
and by His grace and mercy every
sign of fall is made!

Subtleties abounding-
if each one had a word
it would be the most wondrous sound
that ear has ever heard!

God is so good.  God is so loving.  God is so artistic!  Can't see His artistry from where you are?  Then just look at the people around you.  He made each one of them different and colorful.
Don't miss out on His glorious creation!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Evening Comes

Early in the evening.  Time to shut off everything and savor the silent majesty of His Awesome Presence...

Evening become so very still...
It's time to stop and listen to His will;
He shares it with me as I watch for sound
and perfect stillness, in Him, it is found!

As evening develops
and slowly turns to night,
I spend time with my Savior,
and we share great delight!
We converse about the day
and all the goings on,
as He slowly seems to turn
the stars and planets on!

What a special moment
to savor 'fore the night!
Before the hours come for sleep
is time for Jesus right!
Moments with Him turn to hours,
then time disappears--
moments closer to that moment
His return appears!

Not everyone has opportunity to take time to set aside for Jesus.  Thus we must MAKE time for such!  I promise you, it is ALWAYS worth it!


Sunday, September 17, 2017


It is very abundant HERE this morning as I write this.  In other places, the sun is shining this day upon disaster and devastation.  On still others, the sun is still behind the storm...

Sunshine--blest commodity
in days and times that are.
To know disaster and its ways
I don't have to go far!
That which happens constantly
right now upon TV
is only several hours from
the place we safely be!

But that which goes on, it is not
far from a praying heart!
Petitions for those beautiful people
we constantly impart!
Petitions for their safety, their
protection and repair--
it matters not how many that
we know residing there!

"Sunshine--make it staple, Lord,
in each and every heart
as You reveal Your perfect ways
in what life would impart.
Some to know the process of it,
but all to realize Your Presence
throughout each of us!"

Please continue to pray this day for those who continue to look for the sunshine in spite of what they are going through.  They are closer to us than we may think.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

His Name is "Peace"

The Prince of Peace.  Dependable...wonderful...loving and kind:

In the absence of the bustle

there is peace to know!
You do not have to go too far
to find that quiet flow.
You have have schedules...
you have deadlines, too,
but God is well aware of all
and He has plans for you!

Take advantage of that peace
that only HE provides.
It is availed to everyone that,
in His love, abides!
That peace is very valuable
and necessary so;
you must take of it often if,
His victory, you'll know!

The bustle, it is always, but
His peace much more abounds!
Find that peaceful place and there
so holy be the grounds!
Jesus, He is present there
to welcome you always;
He will rest you in His peace
while hectic be the days.

The peace of Jesus is like no other.  There is no limit to it, and all you must do is ask.  In fact, He is even called "The Prince of Peace" in His Word, and to those of us who firmly depend upon Him.
Are you one of them?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


In God's eyes, each one of us is individual.  He made you the way He wanted to, and endowed you with certain gifts and abilities.  May we ALWAYS be careful to use those gifts for His glory!

A vessel in the hand of God--

o may we each be such! out
according to His touch!
Each of us are brimming with Him
as we go along,
each of us must give the same
that more would know His song!

A vessel in the hand of God
whatever we must do.
He is already with us in
the things He calls us to!
Why not share Him freely in
those places that we go
that life, and life abundant, many
more, would come to know?

A vessel in the hand of God
for Him to use at will.
We know the power of His lead
so let us not be still!
There are so many people that
know not the words we say,
but we must be much more than words
along the Narrow Way!

Each of us that belong to Him have been specifically gifted by Him.  Such gifts are meant to be given away to whomever He leads us to.  Be careful to use those gifts whenever He tells you to, lest those gifts be taken away.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

He is aware!

Before the first cloud even has a form
He is aware...
when they even name it as a storm
He is aware...
before the fire starts from that first spark
He is aware...
before ANY disaster leaves its mark
He is aware.

Before the cries for help began
He knew that they would be.
No matter what is needed, He
provides for tragedy!
He has a hand in everything,
even that not on "the news;"
and He comes through with victory
in spite of any "views."

We see so many tragedies;
some of us first hand!
The all-sufficient hand of God
we've come to understand.
And we shall each come out of this-
some, better than before!
and those of us who live to tell
shall testify the more!

Shall testify the more.  My wife and I once helped mom & dad move into a new house.  A BRAND NEW house!  The very first night, while everything was still in boxes, a tornado came through and the only things left standing were the shower stall that Debby & I ran into and the bathtub that mom & dad ran into.  As horrible as that sounds, that tornado changed their hearts (for the good!) toward God!
Keep praying for all of those going through these tragedies of all sorts plaguing our planet right now KNOWING that God is aware, He is right there with everyone involved and He has a plan in place!

Friday, September 8, 2017

The least that we can do

So many issues and activities going on in the world right now.  More than usual?  I doubt it.  More peculiar than usual? some places.  But where are you in this world?

"As I go about my day, Lord,

let me have a heart.
Please help me empathize with what
my brother may impart.
Help me to be alert to every
Holy Spirit move,
so that the contents of my day
be something You approve.

People come and people go

but all throughout the day.
Some of them will travel on,
and some of them will stay.
Make me what You want me to be
as, to them, I reach out--
to know that they have been with YOU,
o let there be no doubt!

It's all about You, Father God.

Receive all glory thence!
But a tool inside Your hand-
my heart's desire hence!
I see You moving in this life,
I want to be a part
that they would come to know Your touch
and Your most perfect heart!

Each and every one of us is necessary in this world or we would not be here.  That's hard to imagine for some, but God is in control and knows what He is doing!  The very least that we can do is pray for one our arms...offer a hand...or listen.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Singing Longer!

Stopping for a moment to notice life.

Hummingbirds--for just a little longer;

their presence be to grace for just awhile.
The colors and the calendar reminding
that summertime will soon be out of style!
And then I'm minded of a far location
whose possibility may be as near!
No calendar or seasons will be present,
but it be filled with that which He holds dear!
And He promises that living will be perfect
until the end of time, (which is no more!)
Mansions there on streets that will be golden...
"COME QUICKLY, LORD" we cry out all the more!

Yea, "COME QUICKLY, LORD!" it be our prayer incessant

as we press on in service to our King!
And that vision, coupled with His grand creation,
inspires us, so constantly, to sing!

Life continues on.

Please don't let anyone or anything in this life embezzle you out of the joy that He implants in your heart!  Yes, this life may continue on, but that just means we are one day closer to His Perfect Place and His Presence!

Though I write today about Paradise and how close it is, many of our friends and family are going through just the opposite!  Between wildfires in some states and hurricanes in others, there are a lot of folks in need of prayer and a lot of other things!  Please join us in lifting these folks up to God and asking Him to protect them, and help them recover. 

Thanks so much! 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


The issues of the day--take care of them.
That which you know to do--take care of it.
That which you feel led to do, (you KNOW that call!) do it!
Do as much as you can for as long as you can--God will do the rest!
God will do the rest...IF you trust Him AND you LET Him!

So many things that I can do
as, through the day, I go;
so many things I cannot do--
the difference do I know?
There is so much that must be done
as, through the day, I trod;
and oh, so very many more
that I must leave to God!

There is so much upon my mind
that isn't meant for me.
For I must differentiate
if, progress, I shall see.
He knows of every limitation
I might run upon,
and He's already figured out
just how I will go on.

So many things we each can do--
do we give our best?
And when we do OUR part, He sees
that others, too, are blessed!
And there above, below, behind,
in front of us and through
is God our Father--glorified
in what we say and do!

Do as much as you can for as long as you can to all that you can.  God is faithful to do the rest.  I promise!

Monday, September 4, 2017



Jesus promised that if He went away, He would come again and take His own to live with Him in Paradise.  It says so in His Word, and I firmly trust in His Word!

I stand upon the pinnacle

and look around the world.
There is so much of prophecy--
as pages are unfurled!
So many things He said to look for
in the latter days
are happening somehow, somewhere
as I look in all ways!
But He tells us to take courage,
and vows He's in control!
We take such words by faith, and trust
that He will make them whole!
There are so many sights and sounds
to some of us, so new
that want to make us turn our heads
and seek another view!
But He is even present there
His ways are not our ways.
We do what we can while praying
and while giving praise!


the cry of every heart
belonging unto God Most High--
His love for to impart!
'Til then, however, WE must sound
to everyone who cries.

Stand upon this pinnacle with me and see what I see.  You don't know where I am? 

Then just talk to that person walking the streets...
talk to that person in the hospital...
talk to that person in jail...
talk to that person on your street that you seldom see get out...
talk to that person at work that always sits alone at lunch break...
You don't have to look very far to see what I'm seeing.
Do you even want to look?

Saturday, September 2, 2017


The waves continue.  So peaceful.  All other issues, duties and responsibilities set aside to escape to this place that God has created.  So priceless.
Some see it as empty...some see it as desolate...some even see this moment as a waste of time!  So be it.  To them, it probably is a waste of time.  They have yet to learn.

The waves continue without end,
their motion yet the same...
they speak of peace and relaxation--
such may any claim!
The fortunate that know this place,
for they are knowing, too,
that healing are the sights and sounds
in God's created view!

So wonderful, the living coast;
and, even when alone,
The Great Creator walks with me--
His wonders ever shown!
He knows exactly why I'm here,
He knows just what to do;
He listens to me; then I do
all that He tells me to.

Even if We only briefly talk,
so very fruitful is this ocean walk.
Even when nobody is around,
so lavish--every sight and every sound!

And the waves continue.
Even as We walk away, that which He set in order before time began continues happening.  He brought me here today for a reason.  I relish it until the next time we are together in this beautiful place!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Eyes of the heart

There is One who loves without condition;
the same, He freely forgives.
His mercy, grace and love are availed
to any person who lives!
His Name is Jesus--for He is God's Son,
and He is God's Gift unto ALL!
I ask Him about the sins of my past,
He tells me "I cannot recall!"

O, that all men could have such recall

as we go through every day!
What of the progress that we could achieve
if mercy would chart our each way!
Decisions as such, they are yet within reach,
and even in everyone's hand!
Do you have the courage to look with the heart,
and, for the sake of Christ, stand?

For the sake of Christ take a stand.

Sometimes, it takes and national or natural disaster to get us to see with our hearts instead of our eyes.
It's too bad we can't have the same vision when everything is going right.