Sunday, August 6, 2017

Wonderful wonderful...going through life KNOWING that God is in control of all and seeing how He arranges certain situations!

"You are there--regardless, Lord,
of what my eyes behold...
You are there--beyond 'right now'
and that which will unfold...
You are there--repairing me
from what life may inflict...
Yes, You are there--and there is naught,
Your Presence, to restrict!

I am so grateful that You know
my life in its entire;
thus, I can dwell upon Your peace,
and not what will transpire!
Your peace--it is like not another
in THIS life to know!
Your peace--it is available
each time, to You, I go!

You are there, and You are here,
and every time and place!
All things work out for my good
due Your abundant grace!
I will trust You always as
I go through each day blessed;
gratitude, Lord, from these lips
shall ever be confessed!"

Most times, it is not until a period of time had passed before we look back and realize "That was God!"  It is after we have GONE THROUGH something that we have large enough perspective to reflect on and count the ways that He arranged or intervened.  Thus, we should ALWAYS be giving Him thanks and praising Him for being here...even when we FEEL that He is nowhere around!

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