Tuesday, August 8, 2017

True Liberty

Watching the evening news.  It has almost become something to dread!  If it weren't for the assurance that we cling to as Christians, the evening news would be more than we could handle!

So thankful for this country I
reside in and belong;
but grateful for That Country where
I'll be forever long!
For I am but a citizen
here in this temporal place,
O, but I have residence
in Paradise by grace!
For I would sing the praises of
America out loud!
The freedoms and the liberties
that, here, we are allowed.
But there is greater liberty
and it is in a Man--
for He enables me to live
according to His Plan!
Jesus Christ has made allowance
for me to live on
long after days of living in
this fleeting life are gone!
And grateful I to know and love
His generosity!
For in His grace alone, I've come
to know True Liberty!

As we look at the world and the times that are, we realize that this world, as we know it, is running out of time.  So very fortunate are them that are certain where their next life shall be.
Do you have that certainty?

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