Friday, August 25, 2017

There will be a day!

One more thing to go wrong with this body.  Again.  However, I know Whose I am and I know His abilities!  This is merely just another "speed bump" and a by-product of this temporary place.

I know Who I belong to
and He says I am healed.
That may not be yet manifested,
not yet be revealed.
In fact, the symptoms of it, they
are causing quite a stir;
I will yet declare His healing
as though it already were!
Am I lying?  Am I joking?
Am I fooling me?
Not at all!  For He is God
and has control of me!
He sees the start and sees the end,
I only see "right now,"
If I use His vision, He
has kept His healing vow.

I know Who I belong to.
In Him, I am secure!
And with His strength inside of me
I know I shall endure!
Stand fast upon His promises
and KNOW it's in His time;
press on, press on as best you can,
toward THAT day to climb!

I may not be able to "feel" me healed at times, but I can always SEE me healed!  It is when I am standing beside Him in Paradise, and only He knows when that is!

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