Friday, August 11, 2017

The Best gifts

This life contains so many "things."
Some think that the goal in life is to obtain as many "things" as you can.  The same, therefore, do all that they can to achieve said goal.
God also has "things."
There are many important differences though with God.  He freely gives us "things!"  And the "things" that He gives are far better than what this life can provide!

Once again and still to savor

peace God is to give.
He makes it possible for us,
inside His peace, to live!

Once again and still to savor
God's abundant love!
He showers it so freely from
His throne so high above!

Once again and still to savor
contentment from my God.
He makes it possible to rest,
and recognize all fraud.

Once again and still to savor
God, Himself, as "Gift!"
His Presence in the heart provides,
to all of life, a lift!

Yes, God has so many "things" because God owns all things.  Have you given your heart to Him yet?  Please do so that He can live there and provide the things that you are seeking but just can't seem to find in this life!
He not only knows what you are after, but He has better!

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