Wednesday, August 2, 2017

That Spot

Right here!  This is the spot!  Yes...

So beautiful, the mountain range afar...

so comforting, the hills that, 'round me, are...
so mighty be that river down below...
so fortunate am I, all this to know!

And it is God I thank for all I see!
He created it and shows to me!
He created it for each of us--
thanking Him for it should be no fuss!

Creation from up here upon a hill:
seeing peaks down to each valley rill!
The same, for it inspires me to write--
every sense within me to excite!

You can't see or enjoy this?  Go to a place where you can!  Find That Spot.  It is very worth it, and you probably need a break anyway!  God is waiting there to show you around.  I promise!

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