Thursday, August 3, 2017


Ever felt that way as you're going along and something happens that changes your whole course?  I think we all have!
One constant, however, that is no surprise: God knew it was coming, when it would happen, every detail of it and what He would do about it!

Another life-filled day
upon the Narrow Way.
Such wonder fills the eyes--
God's handprints in disguise!

Yet there be other things
that daily living brings:
surprises here and there
of which we weren't aware!

The ways that we react

will, different things, exact.
Each time, ONE thing is sure:
through God's grace we endure.

He is so very wise;

no thing is a surprise!
Whatever the event,
He knew of its content.

God knows about everything that will ever happen.  That angers some, but most of us draw strength and comfort knowing that He will be right there with matter what we will be going through.  Too, He will never leave us or forsake matter how painful or "surprising" it gets!


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