Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Reality TV

Mine eyes, they see too much of hate.  Should I take them out?
My television, it displays and seems to amplify it.  Should I throw it out?
Is the world more evil, or do I just have better coverage of the evil that is?

While the world watches our
displays of wrath and hate,
do they gather in themselves
and laugh and celebrate?

While them that "separate themselves"
observe the nightly news,
do they "high-five" each other as
the "good" guys light the fuse?

While that which boils within begins
to pour out in the street,
do WE fall upon our knees,
God's Presence to entreat?

God's Presence to entreat.  Think about that. 
I remember many years ago watching something similar to this, and "good," law-abiding folk were watching it on TV like it was a sporting event!  IT'S NOT!!  It's hatred and it is a tool of Satan!  He is the one celebrating right now because there is so much dissension stirred up amongst people.  Amongst GOOD people!
If you are glued to your TV for this every time the news comes on, start watching it on your knees!

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