Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ready with peace!

Yesterday, I was led to write about the peace that I know and enjoy.  Today, I am reminded again that there are a world of others who desire that peace and just don't have it in their lives.  That's painful.

Enjoying that which Christ provides
while others go without.
While I press in with all I can,
some carry on in doubt.
How can I enjoy the Peace
that Jesus does provide
while my neighbor goes through life
with something else inside?
But I enjoy that Perfect Peace
while, to him, I reach out.
To share the peace He freely gives
is what it's all about!
The person next to me at work...
that man across the street...
that person on the Internet
that I may never meet...
they all have need of that same Peace--
Jesus Christ by Name,
and I must talk to them about Him--
that is why He came!
So if you are the one these words
are meant and written for,
Jesus has the peace you need--
He is The Open Door!
Ask Him to dwell inside your heart
and turn from your old ways;
He will embrace you all the more,
and Peace will fill your days!

Reach out.  You never know what that person seeking peace will look like.  He might be wearing a three-piece suit...she might be walking with a baby on her hip...they might be sitting behind you in church.  Be ready.  Be available.


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