Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Never Alone

The afternoon is absolutely still;
the hummingbirds, they dart about at will;
the wind, for it is absent for a while,
and as I look around I see God smile!
The same to make me smile and laugh as well!
Though still, life has so very much to tell!
Even if just conversing with the Lord,
this life, it is a gift to be adored!

The afternoon is absolutely still.
God and I discuss life and His Will.
He tells me what I need to hear the most;
and does things that keep my wonderment engrossed!
Even looking at me just to smile--
His face says more than volumes I compile!
And "stillness" contains such joy and wonder known
as I sit here with Father, "all alone."

"All alone?"  There is no such thing.  One can FEEL all alone, but that's what it is: a "feeling."  Because God, Jesus and Holy Spirit are right there with you at all times.  Even when life is absolutely still, they are right there, loving you and listening.  Don't make Them feel alone!

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