Saturday, August 26, 2017

Most Valuable Time

Though on my mind and heart all day, now we get to spend some one-on-One time together.  NEVER take it for granted!

Time with Jesus.  Precious time.

None else be to compare.
Hearing Him...talking with Him...
in His eyes to stare...
Laughing with Him...crying with Him...
as all things come up.
Time alone with my sweet Lord--
there be no greater sup!

Never take for granted such,

the time you have to pray.
Never a thing to feel that you
"must get out of the way..."
Always time of value what
you spend with Him alone!
And always are results and blessings
from those moments known!

Time with Jesus.  Precious conversation or just listening to Him, it is ALWAYS rewarding and absolutely necessary for that daily healthy spiritual life!

And He is always available!

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