Friday, August 18, 2017

More choosing

In spite of the ways of life in certain parts of the world lately, God still remains God, He still retains control, and His ways continue to amaze...

"O You are greater, greater far
than ways we've come to know.
You are above our reasonings,
our thoughts You overthrow!
Being mortal man, we've certain
formulas and ways,
but You're so far beyond them, Lord,
You constantly amaze!
We think we have a formula
Your blessing to obtain,
but You provide it someway else-
and always for Your gain!
We think we have You figured out,
what next shall be Your move;
You just smile at our attempts,
even though You could reprove.

Yes greater, You are greater far
than what we can attain,
yet You spend so much time with us,
Your person, to obtain.
Great and awesome are You, yet
You choose to love us each!
I choose to love You back, O God,
continuing to reach."

I choose to love Him back.  I choose to love my neighbor.  I choose to let go of offense.  I choose to not take offense.  I choose to continue to glorify God and His ways, for that is the only way we will ever truly get along with one another.

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