Friday, August 4, 2017


The moon is rising through the trees
a couple roads away;
I watch it as the evening breeze
makes them to gently sway;
I see it all as I recline
with Jesus, Lord and Friend!
Our conversation is as this day's
coming to an end.
He knows all that went on today,
so I know He relates;
He thus gives me encouragement
to set aside the weights
and He takes them upon Himself
so blessing me with peace-
that one that passes all as I
unto Him, all release!

The moon continues rising as
begin the sounds of night...
as, in each other's company
we take such great delight!
He listens close to everything
that I have got to say,
and I pay close attention to Him
because He is THE Way!

The Presence of The Lord--what a way to end the day!  He is such a welcome guest in this house and He knows it!  Talk about your day with Him before you go to bed.  He listens.  He has answers, and He will freely share them with you if He is invited to!

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