Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hope and Life

At a loss for words.  CAN IT BE?!  Never…as long as I am yielding to Holy Spirit and writing what He tells me to!
Proof of that comes again today as I feel led to write to them that are “feeling” hopeless and lacking life…

”Looking for a piece of life
in every single place…
trying hard to find some hope,
this deep pain, to replace!
Situations of this life,
some past my control,
have put me in this hopeless state
where I feel less than whole.”

And then The Voice of Truth cries out,
addressing such a lie!
For I belong to Jesus Christ,
my Father is Most High!
Confusion, it is temporary,
His assurance not!
Therefore, hope and life are things
I certainly have got!
For they are in Lord Jesus Christ,
the Savior of my soul,
and He’s alive inside of me
to make me ever whole!

If you are without any hope,
and life “seems” nowhere near,
surround yourself with God alone
and new life will appear!
Listen to the living words
out of His mouth to come,
new hope and abundant life
will surely be your sum!!

Remember these truths: 
Your feelings are strong, but God is far stronger!
Feelings can lie to you.  God cannot lie!
You might think that you are missing out on life.  Jesus Christ IS Life and He is living inside of you!  Cling to that TRUTH and HOPE and LIFE will build up in your life!

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