Sunday, August 20, 2017

Escape Again

God's creation is so amazing and, like His mercies, it is new every morning!  I found out a long time ago when I'd fallen into the habit of "O, we've been there before.  Let's find something new," that if you are open to God and His ways, there is no such thing as "same ole, same ole...!"

Escaping to a place I know

for certain He shall be.
A few more miles yet, and my
Lord Jesus I shall see.
You see that mountain over there,
the one that's flat on top?
That is where this car and I
for healing time, will stop!

"Look around, my closest Friend,
the glory of it all!
How many miles away those mountains
standing proud and tall?
And the other way: more mountains,
valleys in between!
And behind us, Lord, the shimmer
the ocean--so serene!
All of this, Lord, Your creation--
I am grateful so!
What this vision does to me--
Lord, only You can know!
Thank You for creating the
creations, Lord, that be!
O give me words and verses please
to help all others see!"

Is there a place near you where you go to "escape" and behold, without a doubt, the handiwork of God and the clarity of His voice?  Even in the "empty" desert you can walk out at night and look up, and there behold what is almost impossible to see in the city!
Find that location and go there often.  You need it!

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