Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Ah...that downpour is passed!  As I look out to see the brief rainbow, I try to capture it with words...

Beaming rays in between the showers;
rainbows painted with His awesome powers!
rolling thunder shaking panes of glass;
enjoying Father in the storm to pass!
Of course, we're praying that no damage be,
as we look out as far as we can see!
There is so much to see in thunderstorm-
even as the lowly clouds would form!

We count ourselves so fortunate, indeed,
That safe we stay as Jesus' Name we plead!
The power, oh, the power of that Name-
there's much protection thence for all to claim!
And we pray for them faring not so well
that Christ would heal, repairing where they dwell.
His touch, for it is absolutely real,
and it is the best thing that can heal!

From a distance--what an awesome sight!
From inside--so harrowing a fright!
From everywhere--God's Presence is and more!
We look to Him to faithfully restore!

The many angles of the storm.  Depending on where you are, you can enjoy it or you can endure it.  Storms will always be.  God is aware of them all.  Be ready to either serve or observe.

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