Thursday, August 17, 2017


Where do we draw the line between being secure in our beliefs and allowing another to be secure in theirs?  Are both not possible...

I walk with certain confidence;

I know that I am known.
For God, He is my Source of life,
and He calls me His Own!
I do not have to wonder if
I'm better than the rest;
He is the Source of ALL my life
and He says I am blessed!

I am concerned with issues, but
I'm driven not to sin.
I can speak my heart without
afflicting other men.
If I can't let my voice be heard
without blood being drawn,
perhaps it's my own voice that must
be quelled and be withdrawn?

O take us to that place where love
may truly have its way;
where we can get things done without
the violence of the day!
God, Who is aware of all,
He wants to hear us call!
For His love can unite all men--
HE has the wherewithal!

He certainly has the wherewithal to unite all men.  However, man still has a free will, and it is up to each individual to CHOOSE to do it God's way.
I know what my heart has chosen.

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