Monday, August 7, 2017

Celebrate the obvious!

That which I am looking at is causing me joy.  I am on a slight hill, just above the tree line, able to see the mountains that are quite a ways away.  Beholding the glory of His creation brings me joy.
But not everyday is filled with such beauty.  Most days are filled with the mundane, same-old, same-old.  Or are they?

Beholding yet the wonder that
the "normal" day contains;
at that which causes me to stop,
the "normal" guy complains!
I'm glad that I am capable
of doing all I can-
the "other" guy complains if it
is not part of his plan!

Beholding yet the wonder of
God's great simplicity!
He's so alive and present, yet
to some, it's complexity!
The wonder of a panorama,
to them is a bore;
nothing seems "spectacular"
and so they look for "more!"

Beholding yet the wonder that
so many folks are blind!
They overlook the spectacle,
the obvious to find!
If we would see "simplicity"
and realize God's there,
perhaps more of "spectacular"
He'll be inclined to share?

Take some of the time that God gives you.  Go outside and walk around.  Don't look for anything "spectacular," but notice the glory in the things that He so faithfully provides each day.  They are closer than you think.

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