Saturday, August 19, 2017

Brief calm

A moment of calm.
The day contains so much.  We must each find that place of rest, however brief, to catch our breath so that we can go on...

August--o so calm,

so quiet on the land.
I look out at the evidence
of God the Father's hand.
Not a whisper to disturb
the panorama vast,
and not a limit to the sights
on which, mine eyes, to cast!

And grateful is the writer for

the glory now before!
So humbled also as He is
revealing more and more!
He even visits with me as
the day is winding down;
and as we talk, so disappear
but each and every frown.
The challenges from earlier-
now they are gone away;
they fade off into nothing as
I view His grand display!
And in the time escaping we
watch, laugh, converse and smile-
blest time and experience
and calm for just awhile.

And calm for just a while.  Wherever you are, find a place and PURPOSE to enjoy a time of calm.  The situations in or around you may be far from calm, but if you ask God to provide you a time for such, He will do it.


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