Sunday, August 27, 2017

Forgiveness---once again

Forgiveness---once again...
will I ever win?
The battle everyday
then guilt to have its way!
But who knows what's been done?
They've even stolen "fun!"
The anger to amass
while perpetrators pass...

It isn't fair.
For them that did this to me--life goes on as if nothing happened.
For me, the pain and anger go on with each thought or sight of them!

Forgiveness---once again...
will I ever win?
The healing is begun!
In fact, it is complete.
I lay it at Christ's feet
and I can walk away
with victory all day!

Yes, I WILL soon as I release them from what they did.  It is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, though!  They don't even have to know.  It is between myself and God alone, and my heart will let me know if it has been done.

Forgiveness---once again?  Yes, and often if we truly belong to Jesus.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Most Valuable Time

Though on my mind and heart all day, now we get to spend some one-on-One time together.  NEVER take it for granted!

Time with Jesus.  Precious time.

None else be to compare.
Hearing Him...talking with Him...
in His eyes to stare...
Laughing with Him...crying with Him...
as all things come up.
Time alone with my sweet Lord--
there be no greater sup!

Never take for granted such,

the time you have to pray.
Never a thing to feel that you
"must get out of the way..."
Always time of value what
you spend with Him alone!
And always are results and blessings
from those moments known!

Time with Jesus.  Precious conversation or just listening to Him, it is ALWAYS rewarding and absolutely necessary for that daily healthy spiritual life!

And He is always available!

Friday, August 25, 2017

There will be a day!

One more thing to go wrong with this body.  Again.  However, I know Whose I am and I know His abilities!  This is merely just another "speed bump" and a by-product of this temporary place.

I know Who I belong to
and He says I am healed.
That may not be yet manifested,
not yet be revealed.
In fact, the symptoms of it, they
are causing quite a stir;
I will yet declare His healing
as though it already were!
Am I lying?  Am I joking?
Am I fooling me?
Not at all!  For He is God
and has control of me!
He sees the start and sees the end,
I only see "right now,"
If I use His vision, He
has kept His healing vow.

I know Who I belong to.
In Him, I am secure!
And with His strength inside of me
I know I shall endure!
Stand fast upon His promises
and KNOW it's in His time;
press on, press on as best you can,
toward THAT day to climb!

I may not be able to "feel" me healed at times, but I can always SEE me healed!  It is when I am standing beside Him in Paradise, and only He knows when that is!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Escape Again

God's creation is so amazing and, like His mercies, it is new every morning!  I found out a long time ago when I'd fallen into the habit of "O, we've been there before.  Let's find something new," that if you are open to God and His ways, there is no such thing as "same ole, same ole...!"

Escaping to a place I know

for certain He shall be.
A few more miles yet, and my
Lord Jesus I shall see.
You see that mountain over there,
the one that's flat on top?
That is where this car and I
for healing time, will stop!

"Look around, my closest Friend,
the glory of it all!
How many miles away those mountains
standing proud and tall?
And the other way: more mountains,
valleys in between!
And behind us, Lord, the shimmer
the ocean--so serene!
All of this, Lord, Your creation--
I am grateful so!
What this vision does to me--
Lord, only You can know!
Thank You for creating the
creations, Lord, that be!
O give me words and verses please
to help all others see!"

Is there a place near you where you go to "escape" and behold, without a doubt, the handiwork of God and the clarity of His voice?  Even in the "empty" desert you can walk out at night and look up, and there behold what is almost impossible to see in the city!
Find that location and go there often.  You need it!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Brief calm

A moment of calm.
The day contains so much.  We must each find that place of rest, however brief, to catch our breath so that we can go on...

August--o so calm,

so quiet on the land.
I look out at the evidence
of God the Father's hand.
Not a whisper to disturb
the panorama vast,
and not a limit to the sights
on which, mine eyes, to cast!

And grateful is the writer for

the glory now before!
So humbled also as He is
revealing more and more!
He even visits with me as
the day is winding down;
and as we talk, so disappear
but each and every frown.
The challenges from earlier-
now they are gone away;
they fade off into nothing as
I view His grand display!
And in the time escaping we
watch, laugh, converse and smile-
blest time and experience
and calm for just awhile.

And calm for just a while.  Wherever you are, find a place and PURPOSE to enjoy a time of calm.  The situations in or around you may be far from calm, but if you ask God to provide you a time for such, He will do it.


Friday, August 18, 2017

More choosing

In spite of the ways of life in certain parts of the world lately, God still remains God, He still retains control, and His ways continue to amaze...

"O You are greater, greater far
than ways we've come to know.
You are above our reasonings,
our thoughts You overthrow!
Being mortal man, we've certain
formulas and ways,
but You're so far beyond them, Lord,
You constantly amaze!
We think we have a formula
Your blessing to obtain,
but You provide it someway else-
and always for Your gain!
We think we have You figured out,
what next shall be Your move;
You just smile at our attempts,
even though You could reprove.

Yes greater, You are greater far
than what we can attain,
yet You spend so much time with us,
Your person, to obtain.
Great and awesome are You, yet
You choose to love us each!
I choose to love You back, O God,
continuing to reach."

I choose to love Him back.  I choose to love my neighbor.  I choose to let go of offense.  I choose to not take offense.  I choose to continue to glorify God and His ways, for that is the only way we will ever truly get along with one another.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Where do we draw the line between being secure in our beliefs and allowing another to be secure in theirs?  Are both not possible...

I walk with certain confidence;

I know that I am known.
For God, He is my Source of life,
and He calls me His Own!
I do not have to wonder if
I'm better than the rest;
He is the Source of ALL my life
and He says I am blessed!

I am concerned with issues, but
I'm driven not to sin.
I can speak my heart without
afflicting other men.
If I can't let my voice be heard
without blood being drawn,
perhaps it's my own voice that must
be quelled and be withdrawn?

O take us to that place where love
may truly have its way;
where we can get things done without
the violence of the day!
God, Who is aware of all,
He wants to hear us call!
For His love can unite all men--
HE has the wherewithal!

He certainly has the wherewithal to unite all men.  However, man still has a free will, and it is up to each individual to CHOOSE to do it God's way.
I know what my heart has chosen.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Reality TV

Mine eyes, they see too much of hate.  Should I take them out?
My television, it displays and seems to amplify it.  Should I throw it out?
Is the world more evil, or do I just have better coverage of the evil that is?

While the world watches our
displays of wrath and hate,
do they gather in themselves
and laugh and celebrate?

While them that "separate themselves"
observe the nightly news,
do they "high-five" each other as
the "good" guys light the fuse?

While that which boils within begins
to pour out in the street,
do WE fall upon our knees,
God's Presence to entreat?

God's Presence to entreat.  Think about that. 
I remember many years ago watching something similar to this, and "good," law-abiding folk were watching it on TV like it was a sporting event!  IT'S NOT!!  It's hatred and it is a tool of Satan!  He is the one celebrating right now because there is so much dissension stirred up amongst people.  Amongst GOOD people!
If you are glued to your TV for this every time the news comes on, start watching it on your knees!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Ah...that downpour is passed!  As I look out to see the brief rainbow, I try to capture it with words...

Beaming rays in between the showers;
rainbows painted with His awesome powers!
rolling thunder shaking panes of glass;
enjoying Father in the storm to pass!
Of course, we're praying that no damage be,
as we look out as far as we can see!
There is so much to see in thunderstorm-
even as the lowly clouds would form!

We count ourselves so fortunate, indeed,
That safe we stay as Jesus' Name we plead!
The power, oh, the power of that Name-
there's much protection thence for all to claim!
And we pray for them faring not so well
that Christ would heal, repairing where they dwell.
His touch, for it is absolutely real,
and it is the best thing that can heal!

From a distance--what an awesome sight!
From inside--so harrowing a fright!
From everywhere--God's Presence is and more!
We look to Him to faithfully restore!

The many angles of the storm.  Depending on where you are, you can enjoy it or you can endure it.  Storms will always be.  God is aware of them all.  Be ready to either serve or observe.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Old Person

As I view the wrinkles in your face,
I see so very many gifts of grace!
As I, your very countenance, behold,
I try to count the stories it's to hold!

As you sit there, just across from me,
I do not see your age, but history!
The same, I love and so appreciate;
and pray I might possess a gift so great!

As I hear you, deliberate and slow,
I treasure all the volumes that you know
and wonder just how many miss so much--
blinded as you reach for just a touch?

There is an old man in the corner of that cafĂ©.  He is enjoying coffee and watching, all alone...
There is an old lady on that bench at the mall.  She is enjoying watching the people...but secretly hoping someone will sit down and talk with her...
There is a couple in that park over there.  They go there to see the children, because their own children have become so busy that they must make appointments to see them.
All of these people contain wisdom and stories available nowhere else. 
Does anyone have time to listen? 
That which they contain is not available on television.
That which they contain is not available on the Internet.
That which they possess is availed nowhere else because it is inside them.  It IS them.  It is experience.  And the only way to know what they possess is to get to know them.
Leave your smartphone in the car and go get to know them.  You will thank me later.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Glory to the King!

There is NOTHING here preventing
us to freely sing!
For He is worthy of that song
that flows out of the heart!
He is worthy of Your time--now
let it freely start!

the Lamb upon the Throne!
Make sure that your own heart, to Him,
is very clearly known!
For there does that sweet melody
originate and live!
From there, that living song, may you
so very freely give!

HALLELUJAH!  He is life! 
He is that Living Song!
Sing when life is going right,
sing when things go wrong!
He will accompany always,
He will not go away!
And He will greet us with HIS song
there on that Happy Day!!

O HAPPY DAY!  Sing it with us, won't you?  For He is worthy of that song!  He is Source of that song!  He is life eternal, and He will provide us with the same!  THAT IS WHY WE SING!

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Best gifts

This life contains so many "things."
Some think that the goal in life is to obtain as many "things" as you can.  The same, therefore, do all that they can to achieve said goal.
God also has "things."
There are many important differences though with God.  He freely gives us "things!"  And the "things" that He gives are far better than what this life can provide!

Once again and still to savor

peace God is to give.
He makes it possible for us,
inside His peace, to live!

Once again and still to savor
God's abundant love!
He showers it so freely from
His throne so high above!

Once again and still to savor
contentment from my God.
He makes it possible to rest,
and recognize all fraud.

Once again and still to savor
God, Himself, as "Gift!"
His Presence in the heart provides,
to all of life, a lift!

Yes, God has so many "things" because God owns all things.  Have you given your heart to Him yet?  Please do so that He can live there and provide the things that you are seeking but just can't seem to find in this life!
He not only knows what you are after, but He has better!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hope and Life

At a loss for words.  CAN IT BE?!  Never…as long as I am yielding to Holy Spirit and writing what He tells me to!
Proof of that comes again today as I feel led to write to them that are “feeling” hopeless and lacking life…

”Looking for a piece of life
in every single place…
trying hard to find some hope,
this deep pain, to replace!
Situations of this life,
some past my control,
have put me in this hopeless state
where I feel less than whole.”

And then The Voice of Truth cries out,
addressing such a lie!
For I belong to Jesus Christ,
my Father is Most High!
Confusion, it is temporary,
His assurance not!
Therefore, hope and life are things
I certainly have got!
For they are in Lord Jesus Christ,
the Savior of my soul,
and He’s alive inside of me
to make me ever whole!

If you are without any hope,
and life “seems” nowhere near,
surround yourself with God alone
and new life will appear!
Listen to the living words
out of His mouth to come,
new hope and abundant life
will surely be your sum!!

Remember these truths: 
Your feelings are strong, but God is far stronger!
Feelings can lie to you.  God cannot lie!
You might think that you are missing out on life.  Jesus Christ IS Life and He is living inside of you!  Cling to that TRUTH and HOPE and LIFE will build up in your life!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Never Alone

The afternoon is absolutely still;
the hummingbirds, they dart about at will;
the wind, for it is absent for a while,
and as I look around I see God smile!
The same to make me smile and laugh as well!
Though still, life has so very much to tell!
Even if just conversing with the Lord,
this life, it is a gift to be adored!

The afternoon is absolutely still.
God and I discuss life and His Will.
He tells me what I need to hear the most;
and does things that keep my wonderment engrossed!
Even looking at me just to smile--
His face says more than volumes I compile!
And "stillness" contains such joy and wonder known
as I sit here with Father, "all alone."

"All alone?"  There is no such thing.  One can FEEL all alone, but that's what it is: a "feeling."  Because God, Jesus and Holy Spirit are right there with you at all times.  Even when life is absolutely still, they are right there, loving you and listening.  Don't make Them feel alone!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

True Liberty

Watching the evening news.  It has almost become something to dread!  If it weren't for the assurance that we cling to as Christians, the evening news would be more than we could handle!

So thankful for this country I
reside in and belong;
but grateful for That Country where
I'll be forever long!
For I am but a citizen
here in this temporal place,
O, but I have residence
in Paradise by grace!
For I would sing the praises of
America out loud!
The freedoms and the liberties
that, here, we are allowed.
But there is greater liberty
and it is in a Man--
for He enables me to live
according to His Plan!
Jesus Christ has made allowance
for me to live on
long after days of living in
this fleeting life are gone!
And grateful I to know and love
His generosity!
For in His grace alone, I've come
to know True Liberty!

As we look at the world and the times that are, we realize that this world, as we know it, is running out of time.  So very fortunate are them that are certain where their next life shall be.
Do you have that certainty?

Monday, August 7, 2017

Celebrate the obvious!

That which I am looking at is causing me joy.  I am on a slight hill, just above the tree line, able to see the mountains that are quite a ways away.  Beholding the glory of His creation brings me joy.
But not everyday is filled with such beauty.  Most days are filled with the mundane, same-old, same-old.  Or are they?

Beholding yet the wonder that
the "normal" day contains;
at that which causes me to stop,
the "normal" guy complains!
I'm glad that I am capable
of doing all I can-
the "other" guy complains if it
is not part of his plan!

Beholding yet the wonder of
God's great simplicity!
He's so alive and present, yet
to some, it's complexity!
The wonder of a panorama,
to them is a bore;
nothing seems "spectacular"
and so they look for "more!"

Beholding yet the wonder that
so many folks are blind!
They overlook the spectacle,
the obvious to find!
If we would see "simplicity"
and realize God's there,
perhaps more of "spectacular"
He'll be inclined to share?

Take some of the time that God gives you.  Go outside and walk around.  Don't look for anything "spectacular," but notice the glory in the things that He so faithfully provides each day.  They are closer than you think.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Wonderful wonderful...going through life KNOWING that God is in control of all and seeing how He arranges certain situations!

"You are there--regardless, Lord,
of what my eyes behold...
You are there--beyond 'right now'
and that which will unfold...
You are there--repairing me
from what life may inflict...
Yes, You are there--and there is naught,
Your Presence, to restrict!

I am so grateful that You know
my life in its entire;
thus, I can dwell upon Your peace,
and not what will transpire!
Your peace--it is like not another
in THIS life to know!
Your peace--it is available
each time, to You, I go!

You are there, and You are here,
and every time and place!
All things work out for my good
due Your abundant grace!
I will trust You always as
I go through each day blessed;
gratitude, Lord, from these lips
shall ever be confessed!"

Most times, it is not until a period of time had passed before we look back and realize "That was God!"  It is after we have GONE THROUGH something that we have large enough perspective to reflect on and count the ways that He arranged or intervened.  Thus, we should ALWAYS be giving Him thanks and praising Him for being here...even when we FEEL that He is nowhere around!

Friday, August 4, 2017


The moon is rising through the trees
a couple roads away;
I watch it as the evening breeze
makes them to gently sway;
I see it all as I recline
with Jesus, Lord and Friend!
Our conversation is as this day's
coming to an end.
He knows all that went on today,
so I know He relates;
He thus gives me encouragement
to set aside the weights
and He takes them upon Himself
so blessing me with peace-
that one that passes all as I
unto Him, all release!

The moon continues rising as
begin the sounds of night...
as, in each other's company
we take such great delight!
He listens close to everything
that I have got to say,
and I pay close attention to Him
because He is THE Way!

The Presence of The Lord--what a way to end the day!  He is such a welcome guest in this house and He knows it!  Talk about your day with Him before you go to bed.  He listens.  He has answers, and He will freely share them with you if He is invited to!

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Ever felt that way as you're going along and something happens that changes your whole course?  I think we all have!
One constant, however, that is no surprise: God knew it was coming, when it would happen, every detail of it and what He would do about it!

Another life-filled day
upon the Narrow Way.
Such wonder fills the eyes--
God's handprints in disguise!

Yet there be other things
that daily living brings:
surprises here and there
of which we weren't aware!

The ways that we react

will, different things, exact.
Each time, ONE thing is sure:
through God's grace we endure.

He is so very wise;

no thing is a surprise!
Whatever the event,
He knew of its content.

God knows about everything that will ever happen.  That angers some, but most of us draw strength and comfort knowing that He will be right there with matter what we will be going through.  Too, He will never leave us or forsake matter how painful or "surprising" it gets!


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

That Spot

Right here!  This is the spot!  Yes...

So beautiful, the mountain range afar...

so comforting, the hills that, 'round me, are...
so mighty be that river down below...
so fortunate am I, all this to know!

And it is God I thank for all I see!
He created it and shows to me!
He created it for each of us--
thanking Him for it should be no fuss!

Creation from up here upon a hill:
seeing peaks down to each valley rill!
The same, for it inspires me to write--
every sense within me to excite!

You can't see or enjoy this?  Go to a place where you can!  Find That Spot.  It is very worth it, and you probably need a break anyway!  God is waiting there to show you around.  I promise!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ready with peace!

Yesterday, I was led to write about the peace that I know and enjoy.  Today, I am reminded again that there are a world of others who desire that peace and just don't have it in their lives.  That's painful.

Enjoying that which Christ provides
while others go without.
While I press in with all I can,
some carry on in doubt.
How can I enjoy the Peace
that Jesus does provide
while my neighbor goes through life
with something else inside?
But I enjoy that Perfect Peace
while, to him, I reach out.
To share the peace He freely gives
is what it's all about!
The person next to me at work...
that man across the street...
that person on the Internet
that I may never meet...
they all have need of that same Peace--
Jesus Christ by Name,
and I must talk to them about Him--
that is why He came!
So if you are the one these words
are meant and written for,
Jesus has the peace you need--
He is The Open Door!
Ask Him to dwell inside your heart
and turn from your old ways;
He will embrace you all the more,
and Peace will fill your days!

Reach out.  You never know what that person seeking peace will look like.  He might be wearing a three-piece suit...she might be walking with a baby on her hip...they might be sitting behind you in church.  Be ready.  Be available.