Wednesday, July 5, 2017

THAT Yearning!

We go about the day with a thousand things in our heads...per minute!  Somehow, when we lay our head down, only that which mattered most was accomplished?  It depends on how you start...

Today--so full, so free.
What shall our schedule be?
Each of us has a list,
thus does this life exist.
But in that time "today,"
that we've planned all the way,
is there time at all
for Jesus Christ to call?
If I go to Him first,
frank and unrehearsed,
much more "day" will get done
before is gone the sun!
Call Jesus at the start.
Talk to Him heart-to-heart.
For such, the heart so yearns
while sunrise slowly burns.

First light with THE Light, Jesus Christ.  Give Him your WHOLE day and see if the day does not go better!

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