Friday, July 7, 2017

That Very Special Time

Finally, that time set aside each day to be with God.  Today, it comes a bit late.  He's always present, though...

That very special time again
with Father, Spirit, Son.
I did so many things today
and they were in each one!
I could not know the victories
that happened on The Way,
without awareness of Him and
His ways throughout the day!

And now, in this most precious time,
we visit and we talk.
At any of our statements I
would have no cause to balk.
For He already knows me before
we have said a word!
Therefore, a very candid visit
always is occurred.

Memories are made as we
relax out on the deck.
He shows me as the stars appear
from just a little speck!
And we enjoy our special time
as evening comes to be.
The Father, Son and Spirit here
to visit even me!

That very special time with God.  Every day must have it...sometimes more than once!  I know that God will always be there.  The only issue is whether or not WE show up.

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