Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Glory, glory, glory, glory
unto Christ upon His throne!
He is fit for adoration!
Worship--it is His alone!
Too many are the counterfeits
men choose to worship in the day!
None be worthy of the heart
like Christ--the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Glory,, glory, glory, glory
unto Christ--above it all!
Being God Himself, He has
the means, the wherewithal
to meet the need...to go beyond
and see into the heart--
there to see the very root
and properly impart!

"Glory!  Glory!  Glory!  Glory!"
ever shall I sing
unto the God of all creation--
Right now, receiver of the song
assembled by my heart!
O join me in that song, my friends,
it never shall depart!

It never shall depart!  That song emanating from the depths shall never go away because He is The Source of it...and we will be with Him forever!

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