Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pleasing Faith

Faith--it is so pleasing
to Him Who gives the same!
To exercise it in this life
brings glory to His Name!
To exercise it in this life
is crucial to our own!
If you find you are lacking faith,
well, you are not alone.
But do not give up on the same,
express that need to God.
Your candor and your honesty
He surely will applaud.
And He will bless you with that measure
necessary so;
all you must do is humble yourself
and, unto Him, go.

Faith--it's necessary,
your Father God, to please.
It's not a "temporary" thing
that we use to appease;
it is way of life until
we meet Him in That Place
that He's created for the faithful
out of His great grace!

It is one thing, (a very easy thing,) for me to sit here and write of great faith.  It is a completely other thing for me to be out there in the world LIVING by faith.  But I do it.  And so can you as you seek Him more and more.  For His Word says that "He is the Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him."  This is Truth.  Take it from me!

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