Monday, July 31, 2017

Peace at last

Peace at last.
Not that I lack peace, but sometimes the day is so hectic that I cannot savor peace until the day is almost over.  Such was the case today, so it is now that peace prevails.

Peace to know as afternoon
becomes the early eve;
the cares that filled the day begin
to dissipate and leave.
Comes the One Whose been with me
through everything that was,
for He provides me greater peace
and rests with me because.

Yes, I know Him Whose Name is Peace,
and He's with me always.
He is right here inside of me
regardless of the days!
No time or situation could
drive Him away from me!
And He provides, in times of stress,

a way for me to see!

Peace and Peace are with me as
I watch the evening form.
He even makes the little birds
on branches to perform!
And He is here to visit for
as long as it may take
to recover from the day--
a lovely night to make!

I know the One Who provides peace, but His is not dependent on anything in this life!  His is continuous--because He is above time.  I certainly pray that YOU know The Peace I am talking about.  His Name is Jesus!

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