Thursday, July 13, 2017


God is so good!  AGAIN?  No, STILL!  His ways are not our ways.  His ways are above and GREATER than our ways!  However, He loves us so much that He would NEVER treat us as if He is above us.
One of His promises is that He will replace what the enemy has stolen.  He proved that to us again today!

"Father God, You own all things!
You prosper us each day!
Even when we make mistakes,
like "seeking our own way,"
You see beyond short-sightedness,

(or what else we should lack,)
eventually providing it,
or even paying back!
The enemy may harm us,
but temporary so.
For You have got the final say,
and He must surely go!
And that which he has stolen,
what we lack or what we need,
You repay out of Your heart,
and, always, You exceed!

Father, I am grateful You're
aware of everything!
You see to our existence, Lord,
and, of You, do we sing!
It is a song eternal, Lord,
because You never end!
A song of love to only You-

Yes, we are so blessed!  Stay faithful to Him and He will stay faithful to you.  Even when we slip on that, He is still THE loving, giving God.  It's His nature!  Get to know Him more and more and He will cause you to want more and more of Him!

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