Monday, July 3, 2017

On the deck

I watch afternoon turn into evening.  As I do, Jesus stands beside me and points out many things.  As we savor the view, my heart cries

Silence as I stare across the skies...
splendor in the moon upon the rise...
on the other side the sun is setting--
of this time there will be no forgetting!

Once again, His glory to behold
in so many ways...most untold!
But, as long as He provides each word,
His praise and adoration will be heard!

Silence IN the mighty even skies;
but praises from me, unto Him, shall rise!
"You are worthy of it all," I say!
Creator God--He's always on display!

Afternoon with The Lord.  What a beautiful time of day.
It is my prayer that each of you have such a wonderful time with Him at some point in your day!  He is never too busy for you!

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