Thursday, July 6, 2017

Obey The Spirit

Yesterday, I wrote that only the things that matter most get accomplished.  Today, as I yet reflect on those words, a thought occurred: matter to WHOM?

"Doing that which I feel led to do.
The calling of them that belong to You.
Regardless what it looks like in MY eyes,
obedience to Your lead is most wise!
Something that, so minor, would appear,
to someone else may be so very dear.
Even just a word so very kind
will make somebody's day new and refined.

That which matters--You, Lord, use it all.
Obedience--it is my greatest call!
Its importance is not up to me;
for there is only so much I can see.
Thus, Lord, will I follow hard Your voice.
I know it will cause someone to rejoice!
For that is what WE are created for--
obey the Spirit, be it less or more!"

That pretty much says it all.

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